The influencer marketing industry is rising at a rate of 50% every year. Why is that or what makes it so powerful? We live in a time when influencers have more engagement than even celebrities!. They have the power to influence the decisions of their followers naturally. You no longer have to spend thousands to get in front of your target audience. The top influencer marketing agencies can do that for you.

Now you must be wondering why you require the top influencer marketing agencies on your side, why not do it in-house? Well, contrary to popular belief doing it with the help of an expert can be more cost-friendly for you. Moreover, these experts know exactly what works in the space and how to make you stand apart from the crowd. 

Now the question which arises is, which agencies are the best for your brand? We have the research and found 5 agencies to be the finest ones in the market today. But before we take a look at them, let’s see the benefits of an influencer marketing agency:

Top Influencer Marketing Company’s Benefits

The top influencer marketing agency provides various benefits that are unmatched. Here are some of them:

  • Memorable Campaigns: With each campaign, apart from just fulfilling your objectives, you want to make your brand memorable or the first thing that pops in the audience’s minds when they think of your category right? To do that you need to provide value to the audience creatively. An influencer marketing company can help you do so with the help of their professional team.

  • Influencer Relationship Management: With the verified influencers that you get with an influencer marketing agency, you might a certain collaboration to be more beneficial to you than others. At such a time, you want to maintain good relations with the influencer for a long-term partnership and constant growth for your business. The influencer marketing agencies also focus on the management of such relations where the influencer works with his full creativity each and every time as well.

  • Hold on Trends and Impactful Techniques: To be trending on platforms, you need to be aware of the best strategies to make the algorithm work in your favour or trends to make sure your campaign is trending as well. The top influencer marketing agencies are constantly studying the market and keeping them updated due to which they ensure hold on all of it and success in your efforts.

  • Incredible Brand Awareness: As influencers have a targeted following who are already interested in what they have to say, tapping into it can give you amazing awareness and ultimately conversions. But to do that you need to make sure your brand is well positioned among the audience and only experts can do that for you impactfully.

5 Top Influencer Marketing Agencies In India


An influencer marketing agency with over 6 years of experience and thousands of personalized campaigns executed. This agency is one of the best choices for you as they not only have access to the top influencers in a variety of niches, they have a team of the most creative professionals who are constantly making themselves updated with the space. They are always ahead of their competitors in executing the best trends and content in their campaign making it super successful.


Grynow is one of the top influencer marketing agencies in India and is one of the biggest players in the space. The company has been successful in getting the best experts in various elements of influencer marketing together. They have executed over 3000 personalized campaigns and each of them has created trends. Thousands of brands claim to get the maximum awareness with their help.


IGYgrow is the best bet you can take if you want to rule over Instagram and YouTube, they have studied the algorithm extensively and cracked it. They know exactly which strategies will work and how to make the content seem natural and influence decisions easily. 


Vidzy is one of the top names you will hear when you will talk about influencer marketing services like videos. They provide a wide range of videos like product videos, client testimonials, video ads, etc. Their USP is that they shoot professional videos in studios with the top influencers and deliver within 48 hours. No other agency has been able to provide better than this till now. They have some of the most well-known brands associated with them as well.


Videaze is one of the top influencer marketing companies if you are looking for an agency that has verified influencers, some really creative ideas, and the ability to promote your products or services naturally so that it doesn’t look like a hard sell. They are one of the most reasonable agencies when it comes to prices. By using their videos, brand shave claimed to get a surge in their website traffic, conversions, etc.

To Sum Up

More and more marketers are planning to increase their budgets for influencer marketing. And the reason is now obvious. However as more and more brands enter the space, it is getting difficult to stand apart from the crowd and make yourself memorable. The top influencer marketing agencies listed above are kings of the space and can help you do exactly that in the most cost-effective manner.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with them now!