Graphene is a monolayer or single layer of carbon atoms that are bounded tightly in a hexagonal lattice. Often hailed as a supermaterial, it is an allotrope of carbon whose layers stacked together forms graphite. It is known for its incredible properties. For instance, it is the best conductor of electricity known to man. Then, despite being incredibly lightweight and flexible, it is stronger than steel. These characteristics of graphene make it highly applicable in fields such as energy, coatings, and sensors. It is used in manufacturing ultra-sensitive sensors. These sensors help farmers in monitoring vital crops in agriculture and the atmospheric conditions of areas to know which one is ideal for certain crops to grow. Against such a backdrop, the global graphene market is projected to bode well in the years to come. 


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Growing Penetration in Medical Sector to Spur Exponential Growth 


Various graphene-based materials including pristine graphene sheets possess a wide range of properties that can be utilised for medical purposes. One of its significant applications lie in improving the treatment of cancer. Nano-graphene with a biocompatible polyethene glycol (PEG) coating has been successful in the ablation of tumours in mouse models. In addition to this, it has proved to be a more effective material than latex in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and enabling birth control. Moreover, the oxidised form of graphene is used as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool. Therefore, the growing applications in the medical industry are expected to drive the graphene market to sound maturity. 


Increased Applications in Electronics to Prolong Graphene Market Expansion 


The notable conductive properties of graphene have made it a revolutionary material in the electronics industry. It has found its applications in super batteries where it has produced results superior to current battery types. This is due to the fact that it is lightweight and inexpensive. Moreover, it can be used as battery anodes and extend the life and capacity of existing battery technologies including lithium-ion cells. Besides, graphene is set to revolutionise touch screens as it is thinner and stronger than other materials. In addition to this, it retains its electrical conductivity which makes it suitable for the rigors of smartphone screen usage. In such business environment, the graphene market is expected to thrive. 


Asia Pacific to Emerge as Key Region Amid Flourishing Industrial Sector 


Over the last decade, the Asia Pacific region has witnessed increased product demand across industries such as automotive, marine, military, and aerospace. This, coupled with various macro factors such as increased R&D activities and favourable government policies are fueling the graphene market growth in the region. Besides, China's industrial sector is expanding at a rapid rate. The country is also experiencing the growing employment of lithium-ion batteries. Such a scenario is expected to create substantial business opportunities for the graphene market in the Asia Pacific in the coming years.


Prominent Market Players


Some of the major players in the graphene market include Cvd Equipment Corporation, Graphene Nanochem Plc, Bluestone Global Tech, Acs Material Llc, G6 Materials, Graphenea S.A., Vorbeck Materials, Haydale Limited, Nanotek Instruments, and Xg Sciences.


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