The Application of Indoor LED Strip Light in Hotel Lighting

Indoor LED strip lights are popular as although the effect is simple, it can complete the design of a variety of hotel environments by creating a soft, warm and romantic atmosphere. It not only increases the sense of depth of the hotel environment, but creates a better lighting atmosphere, so that the space appears elegant and light.To get more news about custom neon signs, you can visit official website.

Aero Light, which focuses on lighting in five-star hotels, has two series of LED strip light products, AKIN and ALBA.
How are these indoor light strip products applied to create an atmosphere in different occasions? The various scenario-based applications of indoor LED strip lights are discussed below.

1. Hotel lobby
Where a hotel lobby utilises a AKIN series of LED strip lights, which are gradually arranged along the corresponding space, this will result in a unique streamlined shape together with the wall. Through the clever changes of light and dark contrast, the entire hotel lobby will be full of interest and vitality, creating excellent visual effects.

2. Corridor
Modern hotel design is extremely simple especially in the corridors, where there is almost no decoration and only a few LED strip lights acting as both the ornament and lighting tool.

In the corridor, the shaping and design capabilities of the indoor strip led lights makes the whole space dynamic and full of artistic vitality. The light strips also divide the space of the corridor, creating a similar composition of beauty.

3. Restaurant
AKIN series LED strip lights are often used as lamps for highlighting art and creating an atmosphere. Delicate and uniform light in the space around a circle brings a basic lighting function, but also can highlight the decorative appeal, showing its unique charm.

AKIN series LED strip lights can add atmospheric lighting, and small ADA series spotlights are used as key lighting, which adds a mysterious and romantic ambience to make guests feel welcome and relaxed.

4. Guest room
The main light of the hotel room space can be replaced with embedded lamps. With its own suspension effect of a light strip design, combined with downlights and spotlights, it enriches the top surface, emphasizing the soft, bright, full atmosphere.

5. Public space
As a functional, customisable product, linear LED solutions are also widely used in the public space of the hotel design. Through the change of linear lighting, the space is flexible, and a concise and comfortable feeling is created. Through the clever changes of light and dark contrast, the public space is full of interest and vitality, bringing excellent visual effects.