Do you want a sports watch myflixer movie for your running, but don't want to spend a lot of money?At around $40, the 30-Lap Timex Flix watches are a great little start watch. Here's why When it comes to features on a sports watch, runners have specific needs above those of a casual jogger.


The suit seems to  have brought that tactic out in the open and I presume they will stop doing it or make the practice explicit in their terms of service. With that out of the way, has the largest selection (circa 65,000 titles), competitive pricing, and probably the most sophisticated website, refined over several years of operations.


They need:


  • A watch that is easily viewable while they are in motion
  • A countdown timer that can repeat itself, for repetition training
  • A watch that can store laps in memory


Some runners will want a lot more than this, but those are the bare essentials.



The 30-Lap Timex Flix watch covers all these areas. As in all Timex Ironman watches, it supports an 100-hour chronograph stopwatch with the ability to record splits and the option of displaying lap or split option in large, clear digits that are easily readable.



The watch features a countdown timer that can stop or repeat - great for repetition workouts and it has the ability to store 30 laps, which remain in memory even after your session.



This watch also supports the Timex Flix system. A technology that activates the Ironman Indiglo night-light, by a firm flick of your wrist. You do not have to press a button to read your watch display, just shake your wrist and the face becomes illuminated offering a bright clear display in all conditions.



Three alarms are supported and three time zones plus an occasion mode to remind you of birthdays, anniversaries and of course competitive races.



For most runners these will be a bonus, the real appeal of this watch is that it has the sports watch features that runners need and at a price that should not scare anyone.