bollyflix movie is famous for entertainment, show business, music, lights, camera and action.Back in the 60's and 70's, Bollywood was not Bollywood, it was Indian Cinema. The popularity of films and film stars was for Indians and India only. A maximum of 10 to 20 films were released every year. Once the film was released, and if it was a hit, then it would be likely to run for 50 silver jubilee weeks or 100 golden jubilee weeks.



In the cities of Mumbai, you could say that few cinema houses are showing films, and once the film is released it stays for months. Advance booking was for months in advance, and if you wanted to watch the film on the day of your convenience, as many city visitors from the town would, you would have to pay three times more than the value of the original ticket price. We called it "buying in black".



Small towns did not have many cinemas. One or two in the main city, perhaps. Small cinema halls round 30 people. New releases would take over a year to show in a small village, as it was a reel of film based on the size of the projector. Like I said, it could take over a year for a hit film to be shown in a village cinema, but the trailer of a film would be showing in advance, as many villagers and film lovers would display any film just to see the trailer of the next film.



Many village cinemas used to place images of the film on display with the title "future attraction coming soon". Music cassettes were released well before, as the cinema and radio was the main source of Bollywood music. There was a weekly Wednesday evening radio show that was very popular, and you could only hear new film soundtracks and songs from new movies. I remember the name of the presenter: Amin Sayani. And if I met him tomorrow, I would not be able to recognize him as I have never seen him in my life, but it would only take a second to recognize him from his voice.



Now things have changed, and that includes myself. We no longer listen to the radio on Wednesday every week. We no longer go to the cinema and watch any film just to see the trailer of the next. Nobody bothers about up coming attractions.



Nowadays Indian cinema has turned into Bollywood. Every small village has a multiplex cinema with four to ten screens. In cities the majority of cinema houses are multiplexes, with ten to fifteen screens. Once new films are released, most of the screens will be showing them within weeks. Newly released hits will disappear from cinema, and it will take millions of dollars and rupees in no time.



Now Bollywood produces thousands of films a year. The viewers haveexpanded to include the world, and the film will be released in the world, on the same day. Millions will be spent on making the film, and huge amounts will be put into advertising and marketing. There will be fake and well paid film reviews, and reports to make the film a blockbuster posted on the net.



The success of Bollywood always depends on God. Or so you would think if you saw how many rich and famous film stars visit holy places on a regular basis. They visit Baba, Mandir, Masjid, Dargah, only to ask God for one thing... a hit... and then later... another hit.



This is Bollywood. Life changes over night. Kistmet (luck), badlata (change), every Friday you survive you are a hit. Then if you fall, you are shit. Bollywood is a dream. Keep it as a dream. Those who had one hit can soon become history. Those who are waiting for just one chance will have to go on doing their puppy dance. Bolly wood is nothing but sound... lights... camera... action... just sit back and enjoy the film.