Setting up a budget is not always a lot of fun. It can feel like it is limiting you and not allowing you to do some of the stuff that you would like along the way. You do have to learn how to say no sometimes, when you would rather just spend money like there is no tomorrow. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun in the process as well. And when you set up your budget the right way, you will be able to tell your money where to go and can actually get ahead and do more with the money than before.


As you set up a new budget, no matter what your end goals are with it, you need to make sure that you put some money back for fun and entertainment. It can be pretty boring to just come home and do nothing at night. You want to go out with friends, go and see a movie or a concert, and just have a great time as well. You will be miserable if you cut down your budget so much that you are no longer able to splurge and have some fun with friends and others.


No matter how much you need to cut down your budget to make ends meet or to reach some of your financial goals, you need to consider whether you can spare even a few dollars to go have some fun. You only get to live once and even if you have to limit the fun and the entertainment, you will find that having the ability to go out and not be stuck at home for the next year or more can be freeing and feels good. Even one night out a month will loosen you up and make it feel like you are under fewer restrictions, so consider adding that in. Sure, you may find it slows down some of your progress, but it’s better to have it planned there rather than going off budget and being really far behind.


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